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Colin New

I was born in Alton, Hampshire but moved to Yorkshire in my late teens. This is where I now live and work.

My professional training was at Bretton Hall where I studied music, art and literature. Although all the clichés about childhood box brownies are true in my case (for me it was a Coronet box camera given to me by my father when I was 9) – it wasn’t until I chanced upon the work of John Blakemore that it dawned on me that photography might be something important. This meeting – combined with an exhibition of the work of Edward Weston in the local art gallery in the same week – changed my life. Prior to these events I had dabbled in the darkroom, but from the time I saw their work I decided I too must try and use photography to try and show my thoughts, feelings and emotions about life.

I took a fairly conventional route into photography – I joined a photographic society, entered club and national competitions before moving on to the world of salons and internationals. I spent many hours in the darkroom before cautiously emerging into the light to tip toe into the world of digital photography.

I am a regular lecturer on the photo club circuit and visit all parts of the country. I have lectured for the RPS and the National Museum of Photography. I have had solo exhibitions in London, Harrogate, Bradford, Buxton, Sheffield and Barnsley as well as contributing to countless group exhibitions. I am a member of the and past chairman of GAMMA.

Throughout my photographic career I have been told I should specialise but my camera club background () bred in me the urge to try many aspects of photography – I really don’t want to be categorised in a neat little box and type cast – I am having too much fun moving from people photography to landscape to flowers to documentary to travel photography and back again.”

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