Colin new photographer



Colin New Photographer

Colin’s work is very diverse and ranges from his dark melancholy landscapes to his ethereal flower studies. “I photograph what gives me an emotional response. All my pictures – even the commissions – become personal pictures. They are all autobiographical in some way or another – it’s a sort of hidden autobiography. My themes have chosen me – I have not selected them.”

Colin chooses a quotation from Tony Ray Jones to summarize the way he works.
“Photography can be like a mirror and reflect life as it is. But I also think it is possible to walk like Alice through the Looking Glass – observe the puzzles in one’s head and discover another kind of world with a camera.”

All of the images on this website are available as high resolution collector’s prints. Many of the images are also ideal for the making of prints, posters, book covers, greeting cards etc. Colin welcomes the approach of individuals or companies regarding the purchase or use of his images. Please contact via telephone.


Tel 01226 764181